Research and development

Fong’s founded in 1963 with its research and development, manufacturing and sale based in Hong Kong. A few years later, the business extended to south east Asia. In 90’s , the business extended to the worldwide as a result that it acquired several European famous brands in year 2000. Due to business expansion, the R&D development has been extended at the same time. The research is not only including the dyeing machine technology as well as further development of One-stop pretreatment, dyeing and finishing technology.

Research & Development (R&D) Centre in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Zhongshan

CHTC Fong’s has a R&D headquarters located in Shenzhen and two R&D Centre located in Zhongshan and Hong Kong. All three have different delegated R&D tasks as to ultimately match the needs of technological development of the Group. In Shenzhen R&D headquarters, engineers are engaged in development of dyeing and finishing equipment and the related system software. For personnel in Hong Kong R&D Centre, they are mainly responsible for researching and developing new technology and at the same time serve as a communication bridge between the Group and the external parties as to exchange technological ideas with tertiary educational institutions and technical sectors. For Zhongshan R&D Centre, a Smart Dyeing & Finishing Technology Research Centre (STC) has been established. With the cooperation of the Group’s production base and its’ own advanced R&D equipment, the Centre realizes ideas of new R&D products. In addition, it demonstrates the latest intelligent equipment and technologies of smart factory to the customers and the industry. The Centre is also an important base for experimental works.

The Group's key plan of technology development is to establish environmentally friendly dyeing and finishing equipment and achieve high degree of digitalization, automation and intelligence for dyeing factories. The Group emphasizes energy saving and consumption reduction of the dyeing and finishing equipment and continues to strive for developing high-performance, low-liquor ratio dyeing machines. Besides, the Group’s self-developed program controller and central control system can connect with all of the equipment in the factory, thus the overall management is digitalized and data for all machines is inter-connected. In addition the central control system supports online diagnosis and remote maintenance as well. The degree of automation and interconnection between the operation of dyeing machines, finishing machines, dyestuffs and additives distribution system is also one of the essential research fields for our R&D Centre. Fong’s research on smart dyeing factory creates intelligent systems which inter-connects all the automated equipment together and injects intelligence to operation such as machine learning and self-correction function. It makes equipment in a smart factory could operate and self-adjust according to real-time situation accurately. The smart automated factory operated according to big data eliminates human error, thus it raises quality and efficiency.

Monforts Advanced Technological Centre

Occupying a 1500m2 area, the ATC is located in a complete hall at the company’s headquarters in Blumenberger Strasse, Mönchengladbach. It will allow customers in-house opportunities to undertake trials on Monforts dyeing and finishing machines under fully confidential, real production conditions.

The new ATC includes comprehensive test facilities; where dyeing and finishing trials can be performed with the customers own woven, knitted or non-woven fabrics or technical textiles, under full working conditions.

Using the results from these trials, Monforts will also be able to make recommendations for improving fabric finishes.

The hall includes a full Thermex continuous dyeing range suitable for the Econtrol® process; a Montex 6500 stenter with a vertical chain return and equipped with Eco Applicator; and a Montex 8000 stenter for technical textiles – incorporating Eco Applicator, high temperature and an explosion-proof execution for treating fabrics with solvents.

FEU Technology Center

FONG’S EUROPE Technology Center based in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany. Original, it was THEN main research and development center before it becomes CHTC Fong’s INT European office in 2010. Now it is also the major development center of Goller and Xorella. Our experts provide solutions according to our customers with their professional experience especially in fabric and yarn dyeing as well as the dye house automation system.