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CHTC Fong’s International Co. Ltd.

Founded by Mr. Fong Sou Lam in 1963, CHTC Fong's International Co. Ltd. has principally focused on the business of designing, developing, manufacturing and selling of textile dyeing and finishing machinery. Starting from 1969, the business has been carried on under the name of Fong’s National Engineering Co. Ltd., and becomes one of the first Hong Kong companies to explore the giant textile dyeing and finishing market in China. It is a key turning point for the Group’s future development.

In 1990, CHTC Fong’s International Co. Ltd. was the first company of its kind in the industry publicly listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. To accommodate the need of major raw materials for its manufacturing business, the Group also set up the stainless steel trading and stainless steel castings manufacturing businesses. Now the Group has 14 subsidiaries with approximately 3,517 employees serving over 6,000 customers worldwide. Each year, CHTC FONG’S INT produces more than 2,000 dyeing and finishing equipment of excellent quality and performance for the customers worldwide. Up till now, the Group has accumulatively supplied around 35,000 sets of dyeing and finishing equipment for the global market. It serves to promote the continuous development and upgrading of the textile dyeing and finishing industry in China, or even in a larger global economic scope. It can be put that CHTC FONG’S INT's growth illustrates the history of China’s textile dyeing and finishing industry in the past half century.

CHTC Fong's Group's merger with China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (CHTC) took place in June 2011. Since then, CHTC Fong's INT Group has become the core business in CHTC’s dyeing and finishing machinery segment, greatly contributing to CHTC’s comprehensive competitiveness in dyeing and finishing machinery industry. On the other hand, CHTC, as the largest textile machinery supplier in the world, will strive to further enhance CHTC FONG’S INT market position and brand influence by offering powerful support for the Group’s future development, achieving economy of scale in operation and further strengthening its own competitiveness in the dyeing and finishing machinery industry.

FNECL, Monforts Fong’s, Xorella, THEN, Goller, FWT and Monforts are the leading brands under CHTC FONG'S INT, and also the renowned labels in the global textile industry. By organically integrating those brands, the Group is proud to provide the “one-stop” complete solution and equipment in the range of “pre-treatment, dyeing, post-treatment and waste water recycling”.


Fong’s National Engineering Co., Ltd. (FNECL) is the flagship enterprise of CHTC Fong's INT Group which specializes in the production and sale of dyeing and finishing machinery under its own brand name “FONG’S”. It has become a leading dyeing and finishing equipment supplier in the world, and provides a comprehensive range of high quality and advanced dyeing and finishing machinery and excellent after-sales technical services to the customers worldwide. Fong’s National’s quality products bear witness to the Group’s solid technological and engineering foundation and to its motto ‘A Name You Can Trust For Your Dyehouse Needs”.

Fong’s Steels

In 1988, the Group founded Fong’s Steels Supplies Co. Ltd. to cope with its diversification strategy. Fong’s Steels focuses on the business of stainless steel trading. The set-up of Fong’s Steels provides a synergy to the Group by serving as a reliable source of major materials for its dyeing and finishing machinery manufacturing business. Fong’s steels upholds its commitment to the demands of its customers – adequate stock, high efficiency, customer oriented and continuous improvement to provide a full range of quality stainless steel products.

Tycon Alloy

Founded in 1995, Tycon Alloy Industries (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. and Tycon Alloy Industries (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. are specializing in the production of stainless steel castings and provision of related technical and value-added services. Tycon Alloy has built a strong reputation in providing cost-effective stainless steel casting solutions not only for the Group’s manufacturing business, but also for our clients all over the world. Since its inception, Tycon Alloy has successfully logged over 10,000 different castings from several hundred grams to more than 600 kg per piece. Tycon Alloy takes pride in being able to supply top quality products to the customers who are themselves market leaders in their own fields.

Monforts Fong’s

In 1999, CHTC FONG'S INT Group joined forces with A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, a famous German textile machinery manufacturer, to establish Monforts Fong’s, which is specializing in assembling, manufacturing and selling of fabric finishing machines including continuous dyeing ranges, stenters, shrinking ranges and relaxation dryers in China.

With the aim of serving more customers from different regions with its quality products and full range of services, Monforts Fong’s has extended its market from mainland China to some Southeast Asia countries, including some peripheral zones in the region, such as, Mongolia, Korea, etc. as from the third quarter of 2008.

Drawing on German partner’s advanced technology and engineering skills and taking advantage of CHTC FONG'S INT Group’s extensive distribution and after-sale technical services network and manufacturing know-how in China, this joint venture has experienced tremendous business growth and success since its inception.


In 2002, the Group established Xorella Hong Kong Limited to acquire Xorella AG, a Swiss company recognized as a leader in the design and application of yarn conditioning and heat setting. This move marked a further step towards diversification and underlined the Group’s strategy for providing a “one-stop” product portfolio to our customers with textile machinery to handle processes ranging from yarn conditioning to dyeing and finishing.


In August 2004, the Group took over the business of THEN Maschinen-und Apparatebau GmbH, a German company specialized in dying machinery. Through a newly established company, namely THEN Maschinen GmbH”, the Group continues the business of such former German company for the research and development, manufacture and sale of “THEN-AIRFLOW®” branded piece and beam dyeing machinery and automation system for the global textile market. The patented aerodynamic “THEN-AIRFLOW®” dyeing system differs fundamentally from conventional jet and overflow dyeing machine based on the hydraulic principle, of significant economic and ecological importance. Through this strategic acquisition, the Group is able to further advance its strategy of providing the textile industry with greater variety of technology and machinery for its customers worldwide. And with effect from 18 June, 2010, THEN Mashinen GmbH was renamed as FONG’S EUROPE GMBH.


In April 2006, the Group successfully acquired GTM Goller Textilmaschinen GmbH, a textile machinery manufacturer with over 100 years of history and recognition in Germany. The move was followed by the establishment of Goller Textilmaschinen GmbH by incorporating all fixed assets, inventory and intellectual property from GTM Goller. The investment ensures that the company continues to develop and produce the renowned Goller’s textile wet finishing machinery and auxiliaries for the global market, and meanwhile helps to strengthen the overall product portfolio of the Group by offering customers “one-stop service” with a wide range of premium machinery. With effect from 7th September, 2010, Goller Textilmaschinen GmbH was merged into FONG’S EUROPE GMBH with its headquarter in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.

Fong’s Water Technology

In 2007, the Group founded Fong’s Water Technology to provide wastewater recycling units and related advanced technical service in a secure, cost-effective and environment-friendly manner. The set-up of Fong’s Water Technology marks a new era of challenge and opportunity for the Group and helps to further broaden the Group’s overall product portfolio with the aim to provide a complete solution to our customers in order to achieve the best ecological and economic benefits in their dye houses.

A. Monforts Texilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG.

In 2012, CHTC FONG’S INT Group took over A. Monforts which both had established a joint venture in 1998. A. Monforts produces continuous dyeing ranges and ranges for the finishing and coating of woven and knitted fabrics. A. Monforts has 148 employees in Mönchengladbach and almost 100 employees worldwide. A Monforts is the leader in innovation in textile finishing machinery. It will considerably strengthen CHTC FONG’S INT'L international competitiveness, which has set course for worldwide leadership and excellence in the textile machinery business. The companies will focus on technical textiles as one of prospective business area.

Service Network

Over around half a century’s development, CHTC FONG’S INT products have been spread all over the world, equipped with professional technical support and excellent after-sale service throughout the globe. Apart from FONG’S European headquarter in Germany, CHTC FONG’S INT has overseas offices in Macau, Thailand and Chile, and technical service centers in India; in addition, CHTC FONG’S INT has also been working with over 50 other professional agents from textile industry worldwide to better serve our customers in a quick and professional way.