CHTC Fong's Zhongshan New Industrial Park

CHTC Fong's Zhongshan New Industrial Park

CHTC Fong’s Zhongshan New Industrial Park located at Zhongshan Torch Hi-tech Development Zone, Linhai Industrial Area, Zhongshan, China. It is the most important and strategic move by the CHTC Fong’s Group. CHTC Fong’s has acquired a total area of 700,000 sq. meters of land and will construct approximately 400,000 sq. meters of factory. The Industrial Park would be the major manufacturing facility of the CHTC Fong’s Group. The first phase of the Monforts project (area of 120,000 sq. meters) was completed in 2012.

The New Industrial Park will help reduction in cost of manufacturing. Apart from this, the new facility will have state-of-the-art automation which will also contribute to efficiency and cost benefits.

Zhongshan Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone is a nation-level new hi-tech industrial development zone, which was jointly established by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and Zhongshan Municipal Government in 1990. Zhongshan Torch Zone, lying to the west of the Pearl River Estuary, and Shenzhen and Hong Kong are on the opposite sides of the sea. What run through the city are Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Seaside Expressway, Zhongshan-Jiangmen Expressway and the Pearl River Delta light railway that is to be opened. At the same time, it possesses Zhongshan Port that ranks top 10 among the ports nationwide in terms of container-handling capacity. These super conditions of hinge traffic on the west bank of the Pearl River Estuary push Zhongshan Torch Zone to the grand competition stage of economic circle surrounding Lingdingyang Sea.

*Remark: CHTC Fong’s INT Zhongshan New Industrial park is still under development and modification. The following information including design drawings are for reference only. If any changes, no prior notice will be made.


CHTC Fong’s INT Zhongshan Industrial Park Bird's-eye View illustration

Monforts Fong's (Zhongshan) has been operated since 2012.

Tycon Alloy (Zhongshan) Factory Bird's-eye View illustration

FNECL (Zhongshan) Factory Bird's-eye View illustration