Textile Machinery Business

Textile Machinery Business

In global textile dyeing and finishing industry, CHTC FONG’S INT'L is ONLY supplier to manufacture and supply the complete solution of “Pretreatment, dyeing and finishing” machinery.

Over those 50 years, CHTC FONG’S INT'L not only grew from a small scale workshop in to a globally renowned dyeing and finishing equipment manufacturing enterprise and the key player in dyeing and finishing. With FONG’S, THEN, GOLLER, MONFORTS, XORELLA and MONFONG’S it offers the market leading brands in the sector of dyeing and finishing and the conditioning of yarn.

One-stop Sustainable Solutions!

Everyone speaks about sustainability today, both existing key playing countries of textiles productions and upcoming hotspots of receiving the textile productions moves from developed countries are getting very much cautious on environmental control and subsequently the level of “green” production. We see globally a tremendously high demand of technology upgradation on existing processing house to meet both the sustainability requirement of their end buyer as well as the environmental standard of their local authorities. We strongly believe that the sustainable solution for textiles processing is by having the processing machineries to consume the lowest amount of utilities, and then recycling the same as well. Over around half a century’s development, FONG’S products have been spread all over the world, equipped with professional technical support and excellent after-sales service throughout the globe. Apart from Fong’s European headquarter in Germany, FONG’S has an overseas office in Thailand, and technical service centers in India and Indonesia; in addition, FONG’S has also been working with over 50 professional agents from textile industry worldwide to better serve our customers in a quick and professional way.