About Us


CHTC FONG'S INT Group is committed to searching for excellence and innovation in technology with the aim of serving the global market with competitive products to maintain our leading position in the industry.

CHTC FONG'S INT looks for ways to introduce wider ranges of products to our customers to meet their needs; to provide employees with a challenging and rewarding career; to increase growth potential and enhance shareholder's value.

CHTC FONG'S INT is a customer-driven company. Customer satisfaction and quality assurance are of ultimate importance and are the commitments' cornerstones; through economies of scale, by providing superior machinery and adequate after-sale services to its global customers.

CHTC FONG'S INT retains capable staff to stride forward towards common goals; commits to provide staff with pleasant working environment, innovation and staff integrity; and practices Total Quality Management and continuous self-enhancement.

CHTC FONG'S INT Group is an enterprise of economic strengths and growth potential, with the past 50 years of solid experience.