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CHTC FONG’S CUP “The 30th National Knit Dyeing and Finishing Symposium” was successfully held in Nanchang 2017.11.07

From October 24 to 25, 2017, the 30th (2017) National Knit Dyeing and Finishing Symposium, sponsored by CHTC FONG’s, organizing by the National Knitting Technology Information Center and China Textile Engineering Society- Professional Dyeing and Finishing Group was successfully held in Nanchang.

The symposium exchanged views on key issues such as the upgrading and transformation of the knit printing and dyeing industry. It gathered more than 300 specialists in the knitting industry from all over the country. More than 30 industry leaders, experts, professors of higher education and technicians made exclusive reports on relevant policies, research and development trends, shared their valuable production experience and latest achievements in scientific research from different angles as well as the latest production equipment and dye products.

Mr. Leo Wong, assistant to CEO, made a welcome speech on behalf of CHTC Fong’s.  Brand representatives of Fong’s, Goller and Monfong’s made presentations on “the intelligence, green and innovativeness of Fong’s dyeing and finishing machineries”, “Application of Goller washing range on cotton knitted fabric” and “Application of Monfong’s disc-o-clean auto filtration and heat recovery unit on Stenter Frame”

On Oct 25th afternoon, the organizer arranged factories visits to two knit fabric dyeing and finishing mills in Nanchang namely Jiangxi Jingdong Co. Ltd. and Nanchang Fudelong Industrial Co. Ltd.